Last few weeks in Stavanger

Hi everyone!
Sorry I’m so bad at writing regular updates!
I have about a week (This is Rachel- I posted this late- she is coming home on Thursday night- this week) until I come home! It’s hard to believe time has passed so quickly.

Here is my update from last week that I didn’t send:
I have a new companion, Kaylee! We were actually companions in the missionary training center back in March 2020, so it’s fun to be working together again.

We’ve had some good lessons with our friends lately. We met with a new friend last week who comes from Russia.

This week we were able to help our neighbor. She’s on crutches at the moment so we’ve been taking her dog on walks, and then yesterday we were able to help clean her kitchen and floors. It meant a lot to her and was a really great experience.

We filmed a video for the Norwegian mission Instagram page. We handed out sunflowers on the street to random people and it was fun but some people actually got mad at us. Good times!We also filmed a musical number for a church conference that will be in October. So I won’t actually see it because I’ll be home! I played violin and a young member of our congregation played harp.

We were with a friend on Saturday and we taught her and her daughter to make origami. It was really cute. I’ve found it’s a good way to connect with little kids.

Added this week:
This week, we had some good meetings with our friends and did a lot of service. We helped our neighbor clean her house again, and we also set up and served food at a funeral. Our neighbor taught me how to fold napkins into the shape of water lilies, and I was able to use that the very next day when we set up for the funeral. That was really nice.

One of our friends came to church and brought her boyfriend! It was wonderful to have them there with us. Our friend is Russian and the member of our congregation right behind us happened to speak Russian and started talking to her in her native language. It was crazy!

Right before the meeting started, another member of the congregation said they had been told I had already left, or they would have asked me to do a musical number sacrament meeting. He seemed really disappointed so I was like, “I can still do one.” He was really surprised. I found someone to play the piano and I sang “I Wonder When He Comes Again” from the Children’s songbook. My first time singing it in Norwegian was at the pulpit! So that was fun and I really felt the Spirit while I was singing.I’ve seen a lot of miracles lately and I know that God is aware of Kaylee and I. I’m grateful for the chance to serve people here in Norway.

I’ll try to send an update next week right before I head home!

I love you all!