Listening to ABBA on the mission

Hi everyone!
This email spans the last two weeks so it’s kind of long, sorry!

I never thought I would say this, but last week we had a service project that rivaled the Great Stump Incident of 2020. You know I don’t say that lightly.

The Elders we serve with were talking to someone whose mom needed help with gardening. They were out of town so they passed it on to us. She needed someone to mow her lawn and trim her hedge. We got there and she showed us her early unusable manual lawn mower. It had spider webs and was completely rusted over. She showed us her lawn. It wasn’t huge but the grass was a few feet tall. We tried her mower but it did not work, as expected. Luckily, she had a pair of shears and a rake! Aleena and I got to work. It was a hot day!

As we clipped the grass, neighbors kept coming by to make sure we were okay. The next door neighbor said, “Are you going to cut it with those? That will take a hundred years!” A couple little girls who lived on the other side came by to watch and show us their new dolls. The neighbor across the street was so worried that he tried really really really hard to give us 500 kroner (over $50) so we could buy pizza, and he gave us 4 liters of Pepsi. He also opened his window and blasted ABBA for two hours. I love ABBA, so I really appreciated the gesture.Other people walked past and asked if we worked for the city. They said the city never came to cut their grass and that they wanted us to come one day and help them too. Four hours later, the grass looked like grass and the hedge looked like a hedge. We filled three garbage bags with clippings. Pictures below

Last week we also performed at a local nursing home. It was really cool. We did five songs, and they seemed to really like it! The last song we did was “You Raise Me Up” in Norwegian, and one man sang along the whole time. It was so sweet!

My friend who likes jazz music that I wrote about earlier came all the way from Skien to visit! It was a 7-hour drive and he’s like 85 so we were so touched. It was wonderful to see him again.
When I served in Skien, I found out that I was fifth cousins with some of the youth there. Their mom has a sister here in Stavanger. Both families are some of my favorite people I have ever met, and it’s so fun that we have a common ancestor. We both have a strong connection to that family line and know a lot about them. We taught the family here in Stavanger how to make homemade tortillas and it was very “koselig,” or cozy.

We were in Trondheim last week to visit some other missionaries. It was so much fun! We took a lot of pictures by a famous bridge there. One of the missionaries in Trondheim is the daughter of the family I’m related to in Stavanger! It’s a small world. Her grandmother taught us how to knit yesterday! I have learned to knit several times but I always forget.

In other news, I got my first vaccination this morning! Hallelujah! I’ve been waiting a long long time.

While in Trondheim, we were teaching a lesson to a new member of the church. We read Joseph Smith’s account of the first vision and I felt the Spirit so strongly. I believe that Joseph Smith really did see the Father and the Son in response to his earnest prayer. That first visit was the beginning of the restoration of Jesus Christ’s church in the last days!

I love you all so much!



1-2: The famous bridge in Trondheim 

3-4: During and after the service project