The work is going well in Lillestrøm

This week we’ve been doing a lot of teaching, which has been great!

Just in the last few days we have found at least 5 people who want to learn more about Jesus Christ. It has been really cool to see how many people are really interested in finding out what religion is all about and if it can help them.

We had a lesson over video call with a man on Thursday evening. He looks like a Viking and was really interested in learning more about Jesus Christ. He told us a lot of stories about spiritual experiences he has had, and his Norwegian was kind of hard for my companion and I to understand. But every once in a while he would interrupt and say, “Det er virkelig enkelt! Jesus er svaret,” which means,”It’s really so easy! Jesus is the answer.” 

The next day we were in town with some other missionaries after a meeting. We had gotten lunch and were looking for a place to sit and eat when a huge man stopped us and said “Hi?” It was the same man we had talked to just the night before! Lillestrøm is not a big town; the center of our city is just two little streets. It was an absolute miracle that we ran into him. He said that he and his friend who was with him both noticed that we had an “aura of goodness” around us. He sent us a picture that day of him reading in the Bible, in the chapter we had recommended to him. I’m really excited for him! We’re meeting with him again tomorrow afternoon.

We met another man who was interested in learning more about Jesus Christ on Sunday. His pictures were really intense. He was going to meet us at the train station. He said he was there but we couldn’t find him. Because his pictures were so dramatic and well-taken, I wondered if they were fake. There were two men waiting in the station and neither of them looked like the guy I was talking to. We asked one of them for his name and it was definitely the wrong guy, but we gave him a card with the link to our Facebook page and he said he would reach out. He reached out to the page that day which was really cool! Now my companion and I have contact with him! The guy we were looking for ended up being totally real and very nice. He looked exactly like his pictures. All black clothing, black leather jacket, combat boots, sunglasses. We gave him an Arabic Book of Mormon and he’s interested in meeting again!

Yesterday we were walking to run an errand and we stopped to talk to a woman who was walking her dog. We told her we were Americans and she asked if we were here as students. We said we were volunteers for our church and she said she wanted to talk to us. We gave her our phone number and she said she would love to have us over and talk about religion. She wasn’t sure if she believed in a God or in Jesus but she believed in a great power that affected things. We said our goodbyes and she said she would see us later, very intentionally. So that’s exciting!

There are actually tons more that I’m really excited about, but I’m not going to go into all of them. This email is already very long.

Also last Tuesday I decided that I wanted bangs and learned that I have no idea how to cut bangs. So that was a big yikes. It took me a very long time to get them to a semi-acceptable state and now I have a lot of respect for hairdressers.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading in the Book of Mormon lately and I’m in the part of the book of Alma that some people call the “war chapters.” As a kid I always struggled with them, because war was really really not my thing and still isn’t. But it’s been interesting to see how much of a focus the Book of Mormon puts on war tactics, complex battles over land, and ways of defending cities. It actually makes a lot of sense, given that Mormon, who abridged the book of Alma from a larger record, was an army captain for almost his entire life. Joseph Smith, on the other hand, had zero military experience or knowledge and I find it hard to believe that he would find battle so fascinating that he would write so extensively and in such detail on a subject like that which he had so little knowledge about. I know nothing about military tactics and would be incapable of writing even a three-page paper on the subject without doing research.

My companion and I finally finished editing the cover video we made for “Nocturne” by the band Secret Garden. It was originally performed in Norwegian! Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:

I love you all!! Hope you’re doing well!

1: We had a bonfire with a ward member and her grandchildren. We’re teaching one of her grandchildren so she can be baptized. Here they have bonfires in the winter and just build them right on the snow.

2: My companion and I got ice cream even though we’re both lactose intolerant.

3-4: I found a bunad, the Norwegian traditional dress, in a store called Obs which is like Norwegian Costco. They typically cost thousands of dollars but this one was close to 100.