Almost kidnapped??

I don’t have much time so this is going to be short! 

This week has been wild (like every week here). Yesterday we had an appointment with someone who had been taught by missionaries before. She wanted to record us saying things in Arabic on a video, which was a little weird. One of the things was that we liked her. When we left the café, she went the other way but then turned around and followed us from a distance. Eventually we stood by a store and waited, and she went into a store nearby. Once she was well into the store, we walked very quickly home, looking behind us pretty often to make sure she wasn’t still following us. That was scary!

We had another appointment yesterday with a girl we met at a party. It was supposed to be a girl’s night, but ended up being a frat party where they were playing beer pong and doing drugs. So we left a little early. The girl we had been talking to while we were there is super cool though, and wants to be friends. She said that the girl whose apartment we were at always has crazy parties and once someone tried to steal her cat. A whole different world than the one I’m in as a missionary, hah

We have a lot of appointments scheduled with people I’ve met on Facebook, so that’s exciting! We don’t know yet if they’re interested in learning about the gospel, but right now it’s been good to get to know them better.

I love you all! God loves you! God IS love. I really enjoy getting updates, so if you have time, let me know how you’re doing!


Norwegian trains have a quiet zone where you cant talk. Classic Norwegians, I love it.