A Wedding!

Wow! Things are crazy around here!

On Wednesday, I didn’t have a companion for 7 hours and I was thinking of things I could do like reading, writing in my journal, taking a nap, etc. However, everything was wild before my first companion left and so we didn’t get to deep clean the apartment. I ended up cleaning the entire time I didn’t have a companion. Oh well.

My new companion is Sister Johnson and she’s fantastic! She likes to collect stamps, which I think is super sick. I was really sad to have Sister Wilson leave, I love her so much. But I’m excited to get to know Sister Johnson.

On Friday, we put on an ENTIRE wedding. We got there at 3 pm and weren’t able to leave until 9:45 (yikes!). We made all of the food. She had some plastic bags of moose meat that her now husband had shot and we cut it into pieces. It was super nasty! We also peeled and chopped an unbelievable amount of potatoes and carrots.Then we cooked everything in two massive pots and seasoned it with things we found at the venue. We made two different kinds of “mocktails,” and made sugar rims on the glasses and chilled them. It was wild! We decorated all the dessert places with vanilla custard and put the pieces of cake on them. Then we served everything and did the dishes.  Also I played two different songs on the violin and we lit all the candles. It was totally insane. We were happy to help but it was kind of a weird situation. She insisted on us taking our nametags off so that her now husband’s family wouldn’t find out that she was a member of the church and there were no places for us at the table! We were in the kitchen for everything but the main ceremony where I played the violin. 

We’re taking over the Elders’ area, so we’ve been super busy trying to stay in contact with everyone we’re talking to and everyone that the Elders were talking to! It’s an exciting time. We just sent a referral last night to the Elders in Tromsø for a guy we met with yesterday over video call.

I love you all. I believe that God is Love and that He wants us to come to Him so He can heal us.
I hope you’re all doing well!


A picture Sister Wilson took of me with the Norwegian flag.