6 More Weeks in Lillestrøm

I got the news on Saturday that I will be staying in Lillestrøm for another 6 weeks! The elders who serve with us are leaving because they don’t have enough missionaries to keep them here. It looks like I will be here for at least 7 1/2 months by the next transfer. I along with a new companion, are now covering the whole area and taking on the elders’ appointments, along with our own appointments and service opportunities, and doing music videos. We are going to be very busy for a while. I’m glad that I don’t have to leave all the people I love in this ward, but I was excited to see another place in Norway–so maybe next transfer. 

I’m getting a new companion tomorrow. Her name is Sister Johnson. She served in Oregon while waiting to come to Norway.  She has been here for 3 months and just finished her training. 
The sunshine is increasing rapidly. We have sun from about 8 a.m to 5 p.m. which is so much better than a month ago with only 6 hours of daylight. It is really cold right now. Making music videos is hard in the freezing weather. Our highs are about 20 degrees and lows are at 3 degrees. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be between companions and have 8 hours to myself! I am going to blast classical music all day long!

I’m working on a new music video- Nocturne from Secret Garden.  It is fun to be able to sing and play the violin in the same song, but not at the same time. For years, I listened to this song going to sleep and now I get to play and sing it in Norwegian. My companion filmed me playing at the train station and in the mall. A mall guard asked if we had permission to be there, but when we asked who we were supposed to ask, he didn’t know, and then asked how long we would be playing. We told him one hour so he decided we weren’t dangerous and left. Playing the violin in public is out of my comfort zone, but the bystanders were really supportive. I’ve attached pictures of the different sites. Hopefully, the video will be posted soon. 

Take care and stay warm!

Love, Asia