I’m 21!

So much has happened since I last wrote an email!

My parents were kind enough to order me a birthday cake from a shop in Oslo last month. We picked it up on our preparation day, the day after my birthday, and ate it with the Elders that serve in Lillestrøm with us. I also made lamb sandwiches that week, which I have had for every birthday since I graduated high school. They were just as good as I remembered!

We finally finished up with the “Think of Me” video and we were able to post it on Facebook. It was the first recording of the song in Norwegian ever made! If any of you are able to, please share the video! We spent a lot of time making it and we hope a lot of people, especially in Norway, will be able to see it. 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/asiawhoolery/videos/2896712953921408/

Last month, there was a huge landslide in Gjerdrum, just half an hour away from Lillestrøm. It’s the biggest natural disaster that has happened in Norway for a very long time. We spent many days with the Red Cross helping to sort clothing and shoes for victims of the disaster. One of the days our mission president, his wife, and all 8 of the missionaries serving in Oslo came to help! It was a huge effort and they did not have enough volunteers. We were grateful for the opportunity to help those who lost everything in some small way.

I taught my companion, Sister Wilson, how to sew and embroider, and she really loves it! Right now she’s making the cutest little blanket. She’s just fantastic. We have a lot in common and I love being her companion. Sadly, I am almost certainly moving to another area in Norway next Wednesday, so I will have a different companion. I will let you all know next week where I am going!

We had dinner with a ward member who lives right next to someone we have been teaching. The woman we have been teaching has been hard to meet with because of the pandemic, so we took her cookies on the way back from our dinner. She was really happy to see us and appreciated the gesture, so that was really sweet!

I have been in Lillestrøm for 5 1/2 months and I am so grateful that I have had the chance to serve here. I love the Norwegian language and the Norwegian people and I have learned so much. It hasn’t been easy, but I am excited to see how much more I will learn in my last 6 months here! One of my MTC companions, Sister Johnston, and I will be coming home on August 19th. It’s slightly earlier than scheduled so that we can make it back for the Fall semester at BYU.

I finished the book Rough Stone Rolling recently, about the life of Joseph Smith. I think it was very well-written, and it was interesting to learn more about the first prophet of Jesus Christ’s restored Church as well as the early Church in general. I would highly recommend it! It helped me to understand what things were like for early Church members and how incredible the inspired translation of the Book of Mormon was. I do believe that the Book of Mormon is the record of some of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and that it testifies that Jesus is the Son of God.

I love all of you so much, and I am so grateful for your love and support! Thank you for everything you do.


1. Our beautiful church building. Everyone says that it will be a temple someday.
2. I’ve been having fun embroidering things on paper! My old companion Sister Benedict drew some angels for me to embroider as gifts to the girls in our ward. All of them believed in angels before believing in God, and feel really connected to the idea.
3. Last preparation day, we went to a restaurant called Americana. They serve tortilla chips and barbecue sauce as an appetizer.
4. Part of the gym where we sorted clothes.
5. One of my lamb sandwiches
6. We visited a ward member that we love, Helene, on splits with Sister Jacobsen
7. My companion, Sister Wilson
8. Driving out to film the “Think of Me” video. It is so pretty outside right now!!