It has been a wild week!

A few days ago we went to Oslo to get some supplies for a video we were going to film. I had to drive right into the very center of Oslo during rush hour, and let me tell you, it was not fun. At one point I was stopped at a red light and a tram came up, stopped about a foot behind me, and started flashing its lights aggressively at me! I didn’t know what to do, so I turned right on a red light, which is illegal in Norway. No one was coming so it was totally fine but not ideal in any way. It’s so hard to know in which lanes you can drive in Oslo.

Yesterday we were filming the video to “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera. A member of the ward, Maria, was helping us film. I had her AirPod in my ear to help us sync the audio. At one point I realized I wasn’t hearing anything. The AirPod had fallen out of my ear while we were walking somewhere. It was only about an inch long, pure white, and had fallen into several inches of snow during a snowstorm. My companion and I, the Elders that serve in our ward, and Maria searched in the snow for over an hour. Eventually we decided that there was almost no way to find it and we needed to finish filming before it got dark. We had said a few prayers, but it had been a long, cold search and the AirPod was nowhere to be seen. The Elders kindly offered to keep searching while we finished filming.

After we finished filming, we met the Elders on our way up the hill. Elder Fjord said that it was a lost cause and they were getting too cold. I said I understood completely and thanked them for looking. Then I noticed that Elder Beaird had an AirPod in his ear. It was his right ear! They had found the AirPod after Elder Fjord had given up and was walking to the car. Elder Beaird was messing around with the snow on the path and it was there! It works perfectly well, what an absolute miracle! There was no way we could have found it on our own, even after our meticulous search. I really feel like God helped us to find it so I didn’t have to buy Maria a $250 set of AirPods on my birthday.

While we were filming the last part of the video, two swans swam up to us on the dock and posed for pictures before leaving. It was a gorgeous view, with the snow and the lake and the swans.

A member of the ward here was looking desperately for someone who knew an astronaut. She has a student who has always wanted to speak with one. I contacted an old teacher and sent an email to Boise State University at her suggestion. An astronaut who works there responded to me a few days ago and is willing to do a video call! Another miracle! 

We also filmed an Instagram Reel video this week. You can find it on the Instagram page KomTilKristus under the Reels section. It’s not too high quality, but we did our best with our Android phones.

I love you all! Thank you for the kind birthday wishes, they mean a lot!! I hope you are all doing well. ❤❤❤
1. Elder Beaird pointing to where he found the Airpod