My Companion is Leaving!

Sister Benedict is going to Oslo on Wednesday, which is really sad! But it’s only a 15 minute train ride to Oslo, so that’s nice. She’s going to be a Sister Training Leader, so she will spend a day with each female missionary companionship in the area every six weeks. That means I will definitely see her at least once, and probably more, because we are working on a video together.

My new companion will be Sister Deere, but until she comes on Saturday I will be with Sister Gillam. Sister Deere and one of the Elders serving in our ward were super good friends growing up, so that’s exciting!

One funny thing that keeps happening is that everyone thinks we live with the Elders. People ask us, “So, do you live with Carson?” No. We don’t live with Elder Fjord. That would be weird and is definitely not allowed!

Everyone here except ward members and the other missionaries call us by our first names. It’s pretty nice to be honest. No one can pronounce my last name anyway. A nice woman in our ward said that whenever she prays for us she prays for Sister Benedict and “Sister Benedict’s companion.”

To prepare for a meeting yesterday, they had us read a talk by Kevin Worthen, president of Brigham Young University. It’s a wonderful talk, I would highly recommend it. Here is one of my favorite parts:

It is easy to underestimate God’s love for us. Indeed, with our finite minds and imperfect bodies, it is impossible for us to fully comprehend it in this stage of our existence. Yet there is no aspect of God’s character that is more central to His divine nature and none more critical to the development of our faith in Him. God’s love for us is so much a part of what makes Him God that the ancient apostle John taught that ‘God is love.'”

I often subscribe to the false theology that God is angry at me when I do things wrong, and only loves me when I do everything right. That is such a short-sighted way to see God, but it’s a common mistake. We just have to have faith that His love is more unconditional, selfless, and pure than we can understand.

This week I drove for the first time in Norway! It was late in the evening so there wasn’t any traffic, which is nice! I may be driving a lot in the future. Things are a little weird here, with “priority” and “non-priority” roads, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

The coronavirus is spiking here again, so we’re back to online church now. That’s really sad but I’m glad they’re keeping people safe.

For some reason, they always make things so long here when they translate them from Norwegian to English. It’s like: “For the consideration of our passengers and crew, please wear a face mask. We care about your safety.” Then the Norwegian is like “Bruk munnbind,” or translated, “Use mask.” I have a little example from the bus in my pictures below.

The English announcement on the bus reads “Face covering: Wear a face mask for the full duration of journeys on the public transport network, including inside stations!”
The Norwegian translated is “Use facemask: Use facemask at stops, stations, and on board.”
The view from a little hike we went on with a friend.