I’m Learning So Much!

Hi everyone! 

It’s been crazy lately, as usual! My Spanish came in handy again this week when we met with a member of the church who has not come to meetings for several years. I was able to read scriptures in Spanish and help clarify a couple things she didn’t understand in Norwegian.

I think it’s wonderful how God can use all of our talents for the good of others. I never thought I would sew, sing, play the violin, speak Spanish, help people with their computers, edit essays, etc. while serving a mission in Norway, but I have been able to use those things and many more to help people around me!

I know that if we are willing to be God’s hands on the earth, He can help us to so much good. 
I have had a lot of challenges while serving as a missionary so far. There have been long periods of time without anyone to teach, I have struggled with religious questions like many people do, and I have had some health challenges that have made things more difficult. 

I really couldn’t do any of this without God’s help. I have been able to things every day that are far beyond my normal physical capacity. My strength isn’t much, and if I was relying on my own strength, I wouldn’t have made it through my time in North Dakota where we did hours of farm work every week in the hot sun, or my time in Norway where I have wrestled with my faith but come out stronger.

Luckily, life is not about how strong we are. Our real strength comes from relying on God, who is far stronger than we are.

Isaiah 12:2 “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.”

I love this verse. Jesus Christ can be our strength, our song, and also our salvation if we have the courage to trust Him.

Something funny that happened this week: We were teaching a missionary from a nearby area and we were talking about temples. She asked the new member “Har du tenk mye om begravelsen din?” She meant to ask her if she had though a lot about receiving her temple endowment, or blessing. That would be “begavelsen din.” What she really asked was “Have you thought a lot about your burial?” We had a good laugh about that.

1. My companion with some leaves on her face.

2. A cool medieval stave church that we saw last week on our preparation day.

3, 5. Sister Benedict, my companion, and I copying a statue at the park.

4. Me at a statue park in Oslo today.