You Are the Pumpkin (In My Eye)

It’s been a great week. We’ve been meeting a lot with a new member of the church and helping her get ready for her wedding, and this week she and her son and a different son’s ex-girlfriend came to church!! It was so great. She’s a lovely person and she wants to come to church more often. When we saw her at church she looked so happy and radiant. Definitely the highlight of my week.

The NOT highlight of my week was the pumpkin in my eye that inspired the title of this update. On Wednesday night, we carved pumpkins with the Relief Society in the ward. They are all the adult women who go to church in our area. It was so much fun! We took home the innards of the pumpkin because I wondered if I could make something out of them.

The next day, I made butternut squash soup and cooked the cut-out parts of the pumpkin with squash and I used the stringy parts of the squash and the pumpkin for the stock. I have contacts, and while I was preparing the soup, my left contact was feeling dry and out of place, so I adjusted it with my finger. Then I looked at my finger and saw that it had (past tense) been covered in pumpkin goop. I was concerned but didn’t feel anything so I forgot about it.

Hours later, I was at the church practicing a song and my eyes started watering. It felt like my left contact fell onto my cheek, but when I picked it up, it was a bunch of pumpkin!!!! Yikes. My eye felt weird for the next three days. Of course, I had to improv a song called “You are the Pumpkin (In My Eye)” to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine.” It’s honestly kind of a jam. The soup was really good though, so it was worth it.

So yeah, that happened. I also learned how to make satin roses this week. We cut out the petals and burned the edges and used a hot glue gun to shape them into flowers. It was fun and a little dangerous.

We also met with a new member of the church who is about our age and wants to serve a mission! We are really excited for her!

I read an article in the Church’s Young Adult Weekly publication by a returned missionary. When she was serving a mission, her mission president told all the missionaries to go through the Church 12-step addiction recover program–not for an addiction but for something they wanted to change or improve about themselves. My companion Sister Benedict and I are trying it and I think it’s going to be a great experience! I highly recommend it to anyone who has been trying to change but has been finding it really difficult. It’s been really enlightening so far.

The short article I read: “We All Need Help Changing”

The Church’s addiction recovery program: “Addiction Recovery Program: A Guide to Addiction Recovery and Healing”

1-2. A few of us with our pumpkins from the activity. Mine was the only scary one. 🙁

3-4. We walked someone’s dog in a really beautiful area.