Talking and Singing in Church

It’s been another crazy week.

This Sunday I gave my first talk in church in Norwegian! It was nerve-wracking, but it went well. Then I sang O Divine Redeemer in the same meeting, which was a lot MORE nerve-wracking, but it also went well. All the old ladies were crying, which was so sweet. A lot of them knew the song already and really loved it. It really is a beautiful and moving pieces.

The mission president, President Tew, and his wife were actually at church with us this Sunday, so it added an extra element of pressure but it was nice to see them. Sister Tew actually recorded my talk and musical number, so if you want to hear them, let me know, haha.

Yesterday I posted in an exchange group in my town that I like to sew and am willing to mend clothes for free. Now I need to learn how to hand-stitch a new zipper onto a jacket because I have to do it three times. Yikes! We did some service yesterday which was fun! I helped a ward member mend her wedding dress and we helped another ward member with her Facebook account. The people here are unbelievably kind. I love being around them.

My companion, Sister Benedict, did Norwegian driver’s education this week and had the time of her life because the instructor was cute and he played her favorite music. I was just chilling in the back. We also recorded her Facebook ad this week by a lake. It’s absolutely gorgeous here in Norway.

1. The best flavored chocolate I have had. Ginger and lemon.

2. After a stressful meeting we tried Reese’s peanut butter cups with Nutella. Not bad.

3. My cute companion by the lake

4-5. By the lake where we filmed the ad

6. Me by the lake