Almost Out of Quarantine

Tomorrow I will be done with quarantine in Norway! They require all people coming from the United States to stay mostly in their apartments for 10 days. We were able to go on walks and go grocery shopping though, so it hasn’t been bad. I’m just excited to finally get to know the people here in person.

We have to use Norwegian when we are out of the apartment, when we teach lessons, and we often speak Norwegian with the other missionaries as well. It’s a bit of an adjustment from speaking only English in North Dakota. Before arriving in Norway, I hadn’t spoken Norwegian to anyone in person for almost 6 months! Luckily my companion is very kind and patient with me.

People in Norway don’t talk to strangers, but as missionaries we are expected to talk to strangers all the time. A few days ago, we greeted two older women who were walking past us on the sidewalk. The one with a walker turned around and said, in Norwegian, “Did you say hi to me?” We said that we did. She said, “Do you know me?” We said that we didn’t, we just liked to say “Heihei” to people. She said “Så koselig!” As in “So cozy!” It was cute. Norwegians say things are cozy a lot more than we do; I love it!

We have eaten SO much fish since I got here. We’ve had tuna sandwiches twice, salmon with pesto pasta, salmon with roasted sweet potatoes and garlic bread, salmon with red Thai curry and rice, and salmon with carrots browned in butter. Then we had shrimp curry yesterday. I love fish so much and it is really good for you, so I am living the dream here in Norway. I will probably have fish for dinner tonight too. We do occasionally make other things, like brownies, though, so we’re staying balanced.

We have been sending spiritual thoughts to members because we can’t meet with them in person until tomorrow. Sometimes we even sing them hymns or primary songs. One member called to give US a spiritual thought. That was awesome! Also we may have a referral for the missionaries in Mexico. We did a study session with someone learning Norwegian in Mexico and he’s interested in becoming a missionary for the church. He doesn’t know anything about the church yet so we’ll see!

I love it here but I do miss everyone back in Grand Forks, especially Sister Kropf and Sister Campbell. They sent me a video of their shopping cart, and it looks like they got the board game “Clue,” so I think they’re thriving.

Sister Benedict and I with Sister Magnusdotter, who spent the day with us in Lillestrøm