Jeg er i Norge!

I made it to Norway! This is the fourth day I have been here; I still can’t believe it.

I flew from Grand Forks to Minneapolis, then to New York, then to Amsterdam before finally flying to Oslo.

I’m living in Lillestrøm, which is just a 15 minute train ride from Oslo, Norway’s capital. It is so beautiful here. The church in neighboring Romerike is the biggest in Norway and it’s absolutely beautiful.

My companion here in Lillestrøm is Sister Benedict. She is so kind and fun to be around. I’m so lucky to be companions with her! She’s helped me practice Norwegian a lot and I’m already getting much better.

I love Norway so much already! The food here is amazing. The bread is dark and nearly as dense as a brick and it tastes wonderful. And the fish here is unlike anything I’ve had. I will be in quarantine for 6 more days and then I can really get to know the people and the area.

My mission president, President Tew, asked me to bring my violin and he wants me to sing and play violin as often as I can. So that’s exciting! I thought I wouldn’t have the chance to do either while serving a mission.

Flying into Oslo
A bread slicing machine at the grocery store across from our apartment
My new companion, Sister Benedict, and I
Saying goodbye to Sister Kropf and Sister Campbell in North Dakota