New Companion!

Hi everyone!

Last week, we played volleyball with the Elders in our district, so I had no time to write emails. Long story short: I am not good at volleyball and this time was no exception.

The most exciting thing that has happened in the last couple weeks is that we got a new companion last Wednesday! It’s Sister Campbell, a.k.a Sarah Campbell, one of my friends from high school! She reached out to me a few weeks ago because she had been temporarily reassigned to the North Dakota Bismarck Mission and wanted some tips on what to bring, etc. I had hoped she would come to Grand Forks with Sister Kropf and I, but the chances of that happening were really low.

Our mission president was not planning on assigning us a new companion. Sister Kropf was not on the list of trainers for new missionaries, but after a long period of contemplation, President Howell told Sister Campbell she would be coming to Grand Forks. He had no idea that she and I knew each other! 
It’s been so much fun having her here. She’s such a amazing person and she has a great sense of humor. She’s also a wonderful violinist, and we both have our violins, so we’re working on a duet together. We almost burned down the apartment this week, so it’s been a wild ride already.

We’re teaching a woman named Carrie who has never heard of the Book of Mormon. She has asked ministers for years where “her people” are in the scriptures (she is Native American), and they have not been able to answer her. She was so excited to see that the Book of Mormon is about the inhabitants of the ancient Americas. She feels good when she reads the Book of Mormon, which is something she didn’t feel in the Catholic faith that she grew up in. She has been through a lot of really difficult things in her life, but since she started meeting with us, she has started praying to God again. Seeing her great faith has really strengthened my faith in the Book of Mormon.

I have been reading “At the Pulpit,” which is a collection of discourses by Latter-Day Saint women throughout church history on the church Gospel Library app. I would highly recommend it. I so rarely hear the voices of women in the church, especially in the 19th century, and some of the discourses are absolutely incredible.

A picture we took as a companionship last night by the Red River

We had exchanges the week before last and the Sister Traning Leader’s companion joined me in Grand Forks for the day. My companion, Sister Kropf, took photos for me every time she thought of a VeggieTales quote.

I was taking the video for a musical number Sister Kropf was doing and I had to be her music stand as well!