A Huge Mess

Today has been a very strange preparation day. Right after I woke up and getting some water from the kitchen, I heard my companion say, “Oh no. This is so bad. This is really really bad.” It turns out that at some point our huge dispenser of laundry detergent fell off the washing machine and the cap smashed, pouring detergent absolutely everywhere. We spent hours and hours cleaning it up with limited supplies!

Last preparation day, we went to the state park for a nature walk with everyone in our district (13 missionaries at the time). They were having a treasure hunt, so our peaceful nature walk turned into a fight to get to the treasure first. Five of us ended up on a 1.5 mile trail that had absolutely nothing to do with the treasure hunt. Yikes. It turned out that the treasure was a picture of a cartoon animal. That was definitely not worth the effort, but we had a good time!

Right before going to the state park, all of the sisters and I put a bunch of juice boxes all over inside the Elders’ car. They had expired over a year ago. One of them drank seven of the juice boxes on the way to the park. We’re not sure how he’s still alive.

I have really been enjoying meeting with the sister missionaries in Norway to learn Norwegian. Last week they spent almost the whole time telling me crazy stories that had happened to them in Norway. They also talked a lot about the mission culture, which is almost the exact opposite of the mission culture here in North Dakota.

Norwegian is such a beautiful language, and I love learning it. It is so cool that it is also the same language that many of my ancestors spoke. For now, it does not look like I will be heading to Norway anytime soon. I love North Dakota, though, and I know I am supposed to be here. I can’t imagine being anywhere else!

We no longer meet as a ward for church because the pandemic has been getting worse. It definitely makes sense, but it was disappointing news because someone we are teaching was really looking forward to coming and feeling God’s love for her.

My companion, Sister Kropf, and I get along really well! We both love to sew and we have the same taste in music so we have a lot of fun together! We watch a lot of VeggieTales on preparation days because it’s approved.

We taught more lessons this week than last week, which was great! I love teaching lessons because you can always feel the Spirit guiding what you say. We were able to teach a family in our new ward yesterday and get to know them!

A photo Sister Kropf took of our laundry room floor this morning
We made homemade pizzas this week which was a good time!
We work on an old ward member’s farm every week in Crookston, Minnesota
The “treasure” from last week
A meme that a member from our old ward posted on Facebook that makes me laugh every time I see it