Surprise Transfer!

One of my companions, Sister Cutler, was transferred on Thursday so there are just two of us now. It was really sad to see her go. We got a call Wednesday night that she would be leaving the next day for Bismarck. She had bought 5 yards of soft fabric so I could make her a blanket, but I hadn’t had the chance to start it. So I started right away and worked on it until 3 am. I’m still finding orange fluff all over our apartment!

The next day we had a service project with all the missionaries in our district (surrounding area). We moved boxes of produce into people’s cars for around 3 hours. It was incredibly hot at first, but then a huge midwestern storm moved in and absolutely soaked us.

On Wednesday, we made a video for the “Church of Jesus Christ in Grand Forks” Facebook page where I showed people how to make Chicken Masala. That was fun, and then we got to eat Indian food, which was even better!

There is a building we can see from our apartment window with a statue on top that looks exactly like a Moroni statue made of black metal. We walked to the building on our morning walk and it is actually a statue of a woman holding a scale and a sword on top of the courthouse. It was cool to finally see what it was!

We aren’t really teaching any non-church members right now; the work has been very slow. We do almost all of our finding and interactions on Facebook, which can be hard. I am not one to strike up conversations with strangers online. However, if there are people in Grand Forks searching for the truth and light that the gospel of Jesus Christ can give them, then I hope to find them. We will keep looking!

My companion, Sister Kropf, embroidering “Grand Forks” on Sister Cutler’s blanket 
Most of my district was at the service project on Thursday. I was the only one not given a vest, haha!
Sister Kropf and I got snow cones from the nicest woman ever at her snow cone stand.
The statue on top of the Grand Forks courthouse