Going to Colorado?

I thought nothing could be crazier than last week, but I was wrong!

Our mission president, President Howell, came all the way to Grand Forks to do interviews. That took the better part of our Friday. My interview went really well! I am the head of indoor service for the mission, so I showed him a few documents I had made to help missionaries and the mission office coordinate the service projects I had suggested previously.

He had been really really worried about putting me with two companions who had been best friends their whole lives in Wyoming. I told him that everything was fine and that I didn’t feel like an outsider. One of my companions and I have so much in common that it’s almost hard to believe. We like all the same movies, music, etc. And we love art and sewing. So that’s been really cool!

The other day when we were cleaning gravestones at the local cemetery, I got an email with my name in all caps and a date. It looked important, so I opened it. Inside was a flight itinerary from Salt Lake City to Colorado Springs on July 7. It was from Church Travel, and very official. I was surprised and very confused. I called Church Travel and the woman on the other line laughed when I told her what had happened. She said that unless my mission president said otherwise, I would be staying right where I was. Honestly, if I was sent to Colorado in a couple weeks, I would only be half surprised. Nothing ever seems to go normally for me! Especially not this mission. I still don’t have a working debit card for mission funds.

We watched a movie with the whole mission called “Just Like Dad.” If anyone is looking for a family-friendly flick that is a 0/10 in plot, screenwriting, and acting, check it out. We really enjoyed watching it because it was just so terrible. When a man asks the main character why another boy bullies him, he says, “Because he’s the Van Gogh of black eyes and busted lips.” Yikes.

Today I met for the first time with two Sister Missionaries in Norway to learn Norwegian. We will be meeting for an hour three times a week. I think I’ll get a lot better! I actually met one of them in the MTC because we overlapped there for a few days. She’s from the UK and she’s fantastic!

It’s a small world in the church. One of the counselors in my ward here has a son that was in my classes in junior high in Rexburg! Also I had a calculus class at BYU with a missionary here. We were pretty good friends; I had no idea she was in North Dakota.

We haven’t been doing a lot of teaching lately, the work has been slow. But we are doing a lot of service and we get to eat meals outside with ward members sometimes. That’s been so fun, I love getting to know all their little kids!

My least favorite blanket in the whole world that we saw at JOANN’s
We filled the font for a little boy in our ward that got baptized on Saturday. He wrote “Baptize Me — JJ” on the chalkboard, and then afterward changed it to “im Baptized –JJ.” It was adorable.