The Stump Part II

It feels like last week was about 3 months ago. It’s been so LONG. 

On Tuesday, we had a council meeting with our district (the missionaries in Grand Forks and Bemidji). The six Elders took this time to prank us by absolutely filling our car with empty water bottles! They waited until we got to our car and saw the bottles, then drove off before we could throw any at them! They were laughing so hard. We had throw them all away, so we were late to our service with a ward member in Minnesota. We spent about four hours scraping silicone caulk off the outside of her house.

On Wednesday we took some dishes to a ward member who had left them with another ward member. We talked to her for about an hour and it turns out that she does a lot of the same kind of work that I did while I was at BYU. She and her daughter need extra hands on some sewing projects, so we will be making dog blankets and masks this week, which I’m really excited about! The sewing machine that the mission lent me will come in handy!

Now for the title of this post. On Friday we spent a few hours cleaning graves and taking pictures of them to help people with family history. As we were driving to get food, there was a truck in the lane next to us that said “Stump Removal” with a phone number in big letters. They had some serious equipment in the back. It absolutely KILLED me. There’s a stump removal company here in Grand Forks and a ward member thought the best option was the Sister Missionaries with a couple shovels.

A few other things that happened this week:

– I learned that if there is a dog, it will lick my leg. They never lick anyone else’s legs. If I’m wearing long pants, they will lick my ankle. One of them went under my dress to try to lick my thigh and that was way too far. It drives my companions crazy because I don’t like dogs very much but they only like me. 

– One of my companions asked what crème brulee was, and the other companion answer “Well, you take a roll, and you put some ham. . .” I was like WHAT? Turns out she was thinking about Chicken Cordon Bleu but also didn’t know what that was.

– My companions and I put tons of lemon juice in our hair before we gardened for 4 hours on Saturday so now our hair is super light! It’s crazy how much it changed.

– A ward member gave us $40 to buy dinner so we went to Texas Roadhouse and it was amazing. We haven’t had much food this week.

The Stump Removal truck.
Apparently Dollar Tree is selling steak for $1. Yikes
We played The Great Dalmuti last night with creepy cherub statues to make 6 people.
An adorable mouse the Elders found in a ward member’s garage.
A picture of my companion and I that I really want to post with the caption “Feel like life is stabbing you in the back?” but she won’t let me.