Lots of Service!

It’s been busy! Our mission has encouraged us to do a lot of service, so we did 25.5 hours last week. 

A member of our ward contacted us and said she needed our help moving a stump. We assumed she wanted us to put a tree stump in a truck or something. When we arrived, she introduced us to an absolute MONSTER. It was what remained of a gigantic shrun, spikey with thick roots everywhere. They had attempted to set it on fire twice, once even drilling holes in it that they filled with lighter fluid. It had done absolutely nothing. Naturally, she assumed three young girls with two shovels and no experience would have better luck. She handed us the shovels and left to work on dinner. With no idea what to do, we started digging around the base, hoping we could pry it up with the shovels. It was far more difficult than that! We dug a large hole around it and asked if she had an axe. She had a hatchet, a pickaxe, and two handsaws. We did our best, but after two hours of work, half of the stump was still there. We weren’t allowed to use power tools, but we hoped that since we had dug around it and cleared out the dirt, they could easily use a chainsaw to clear it.

Most of our other work last week was gardening, but we also directed traffic at a service project for a few hours. They were distributed free produce that the government had bought from struggling farmers. We got to take home a box.

We made “stone soup” on Saturday from the produce. Our apartment has almost no spices, but the soup tasted great because the produce was so fresh!

Yesterday we got some intense tornado warnings, so my companions and I were talking about it and decided to make a very short (less than one minute) contemporary opera called “A Girl in a Tornado.” It was a lot of fun!

Today we tie-dyed shirts which was a good time. We can’t open them up for a few hours but I already know mine turned out terribly! I definitely need more practice.

The stump when we just started working on it
The stump after a couple hours.
My companion with a bowl of our stone soup
Saying “Oof-da” is a huge thing in North Dakota. We got Navajo tacos at Oof-da Tacos with the Sisters from our District.