Temporary Reassignment

Hey everyone!

A lot has happened since I last posted here! I was in the MTC for just under 3 weeks when they shut it down and I was temporarily sent home. It was disheartening at first, but it has been wonderful to spend time with my family during this unusual time. I am lucky to have had that opportunity.

Since I arrived at home, I have been in limbo, just waiting for the next step. Today I finally received my temporary reassignment to the North Dakota Bismarck Mission. I leave Tuesday morning! I am nervous and feel a bit unprepared, but I am also excited to finally go into the field. The MTC already feels like a distant memory–I will have been home for over two months when I leave.

Norway is set to open to foreigners by late August, so hopefully I will head there in not too long with the other three missionaries who have been temporarily reassigned to the United States.

I love you all! I will update again when I am in North Dakota!