It’s been an absolutely crazy week. Last Thursday we went to the travel office and they told us that we would not be going to Norway on April 13th. Before that, we assumed that we were on track to leave next month because we have no access to the news. We didn’t realize how bad the pandemic had gotten in the last few days.

Coronavirus precautions in the MTC: They have replaced silverware with individually packaged plastic utensils. Sacrament meeting is now broadcasted to us in groups of about ten in separate rooms and so are devotionals. They have tried to implement social distancing in the cafeteria lines, but there are hundreds of us eating there at a time, and we sit very closely together. Additionally, our teachers, custodial staff, cafeteria staff, security staff, etc. are going in and out of the MTC every day. We are told that there are no cases of coronavirus at the MTC, but once there is one case there will be many.

The church has closed BYU, BYUI, temples, and ended church meetings across the world. When we got this news, we assumed that it was only a matter of time until they closed the MTC, but we have been surprised to hear nothing but rumors. Right now it looks like we might be here in the MTC until April, when we will either be sent to a mission in the United States temporarily or sent home for a time. It has been really hard not knowing what will happen to us.

Learning Norwegian has been going well, we have taught our teachers a few times in Norwegian. My companions and I love three of our teachers, we have a great time with them and learn a lot. However, one of our teachers has been kind of cold to us. She told another teacher that she thought my class of 3 acted crazy around her because she ‘was a girl.’ She said, “I will teach them to fear me.” So that was insane! She’s an undergraduate BYU student just like we are.

We’ve been enjoying our time here in the MTC but it is difficult to know virtually nothing about what is going on in the outside world, even about things that affect us directly. I hope all of you are doing alright, this is a crazy time! We didn’t really feel the earthquake this morning but the SLC airport was evacuated and Moroni’s trumpet fell onto the roof of the Salt Lake temple! The crazy news just keeps coming.

Pictures: Our donut/Book of Mormon study, my companions’ assessment of our situation last week, the terrifying MTC evaluation room, my companions and I, and us with two of our teachers.