First Week in the Missionary Training Center

Hi! I got to the MTC on Wednesday, March 4th. Today is my first preparation day, where we can send emails to our family and friends. Everything is going really really well. I like it here so much more than I thought I would. My companions are Sister Isaksen and Sister Johnston and I love them! We have a lot of fun together.

One of the funny things that happened this week was when we went to a meeting with all the other sister missionaries. They prefaced the meeting by saying that they hoped we would learn to speak like, act like, and dress like our Savior. I totally lost it. I know what they meant to say, but I loved the idea that they were asking us to dress in first century fashion.

Learning Norwegian has been great so far. We’ve already learned so much, and it’s only our first week. My two companions and I are the only ones learning Norwegian in the MTC, so we have a very small class. Our four teachers are amazing, they all have different strengths that complement each other.

The first three days were difficult sometimes, but by Saturday things have been going really well. It’s been great to run into old friends that teach here as well as make new friends with other missionaries.

Here are my companions and I on our first day: