A Dream, As Yet, Unfulfilled

We celebrate this week the work and life of Martin Luther King, Jr. There are ceremonies, speeches, and tweets. And while all of this is right and commendable, we conveniently disregard the radicalness of Dr. King’s message. By co-opting his message as if it is embraced by all Americans is to do disservice to his […]

Why Christmas?

Why Christmas? Matthew Whoolery I moved to Rexburg with my family about ten years ago from Egypt, the place of Jesus’ childhood.  I was just a short day’s drive from Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the place of Jesus’ death and birth that we celebrate tonight and tomorrow.  Living in such a place gives you a very […]

This Week’s Nuclear News

This week brought into stark contrast two approaches to nuclear weapons: one, I think is good news, the other not so much.  Ever since the 1940’s, the question about the morality and use of nuclear weapons has been one of the most fraught and dangerous questions facing mankind.  I say mankind, not just a particular […]

The (Actual) Textbook Narcissist

For some reason (I will leave that to you, dear reader), the term “narcissist” has been used a lot recently in the media and in personal conversations.  Sometimes people even use the term “textbook narcissist” to describe a well-known public figure.  Since I am both a psychologist and columnist, I thought I would share with […]

Don’t Put Tribe Before Truth

Just when we thought the race for president couldn’t get more discouraging to watch, this week we were faced with the publishing of a tape where the Republican nominee was unspeakably crude, sexually aggressive, and lewd.  I wish that my teenage daughters didn’t have to see or hear Trump talk about women in the way […]

Happy Birthday to My Older Brother

Watch this first: https://youtu.be/wEEsWEOqpGY There is a devotion of a boy to his older brother that defies any kind of logic.  My brother Scott, three years older than I am, was always there.  And maybe that is part of the mystery.  A younger brother has never known a life without his brother there.  He was […]