I’m moving to Skien!

After living in Lillestrøm for 7 1/2 months, I’m heading to a new city. I’ll move to Skien tomorrow, where my great-grandmother was raised.

It’s been a crazy week. We learned just a couple days ago that we would be moving apartments in Lillestrøm right before I move, so things have been super chaotic.

I’m really sad to be leaving the people here in Lillestrøm. I have met so many incredible people that I hope I will be able to keep contact with.

I’m excited to meet the people in Skien, though. I’ve heard the ward is great and the area is beautiful.

1-4: Some low-quality phone picture of a cool fort from the 1700’s in Kongsvinger. Our friend from the ward showed us around her city today.5: My companion, Sister Johnson, and I by an old church in Kongsvinger. It’s actually warm here right now, way warmer than in Rexburg. Sorry guys! 😅